"Your body is YOU."

"Your body is YOU."

“Your body is YOU.”

If anyone has walked closely with me for the last few years, they would know how much of a fan-girl I am over Dr. Anita Phillips. And I am NOT typically a fan-girl, but if I EVER get the chance to meet her, please believe there WILL be tears. Her work and ministry as a trauma therapist and preacher has quite literally changed the trajectory of my emotional life and wellbeing. So as I sat listening to yet another very rich podcast that she was being interviewed on, her conversation around coming home to your body stopped me in my tracks.

“Treat your body as you,” she said, “where you are with your body is a huge part of healing.”

I can’t hold in my hands how much time I’ve wasted not treating my body as me. Moving around in my world with this despised tag along figure, strapped around my wrists like those old kid-leashes that parents used in the mall when they wanted to give their toddler some freedom, but not lose sight of them. Except I was the opposite, I wanted freedom from the body that was attached to me, and I definitely wanted to lose sight of it as much as possible. And for many of my formative years all the way through my early 30s I did.

I tried for years to make my body disappear and fade into the background, trying to force it into some current and unattainable standard of beauty. I starved it, moved it out of torture, criticized it, ignored its pain, minimized its joy, seen it as an enemy but never as me, and the list goes on, all in pursuit of acceptance. Can you relate?   

What I loved about what Dr. Anita said and the 30-day challenge of loving your body she invited listeners to, is that it isn’t about depriving your body of something,– “body love” is not to be confused with “body discipline” - but rather giving attention, offering acceptance and engaging in all the senses, the felt emotions and experiences your body is having.  

Over the years I’ve had a lot of healing in this area, and there are still moments when that old way creeps in to steal my gifts, my talents and minimize the way I show up in the world. I recently realized that I haven’t really looked at myself or my body in the last few years. The emotional trauma I experienced left me in a deep fog and a deep fear of seeing how all the pain had changed me.    

So friends, today I started the challenge, 30 days to treat my body as me, and evaluate how I feel. As an act of gratitude to the Creator for the good body He gave me, and as an appreciation and a truce between my identity and the body I have. My body IS ME. And accepting that truth…believing it… is a healing revelation indeed.

Will you take the 30 day “Come Home to My Body” challenge with me?  Check-in and let me know how it goes for you, would love to hear what you learn.    


Have you defined yourself by the way that you look? What is one thing you can do starting today to identify yourself apart from a certain standard of physical beauty?

Sit still for 90 seconds. What do you feel physically? Where do you feel it?  What does your body need right now?

How can you offer yourself and your body more compassion?

Be reminded of this scripture today:    Genesis 1:27, 31

So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. God saw all that he had made, and it was VERY GOOD. (emphasis mine).   

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